The way we show up in community is often a push/pull experience. How do we see things in the world? Is our experience similar to others? Or, do we feel that our experience is not what others are having ? If this happens, we can end up feeling very alone and disconnected from any sense of belonging to a supportive community. In today’s world, many are feeling isolated and disconnected from their tribe. Others make it a priority to connect with those who nurture their sense of being-in-the-world in a very restorative way. This is what we all want … to be appreciated for our truth of who we are and what we have to offer as we walk on our Sacred Path.

The way I find my truth is to smudge, pray, meditate, write, and make art first thing each day, in order to balance my Spirit, emotions, physical self and my mind. Above and Below…. and Within. These are the balancing directions in the Medicine Wheel teachings. Connecting with others requires that I must be able to hear my own truth first. Otherwise, what could I possibly have to share with others?!

I’ve made art to heal and balance parts of my life for several decades now. Making art will often be in a visual art journal. This morning, reading “Journal It! Perspectives in Creative Journaling” by Jenny Doh (2012), I saw another way of incorporating art into the everyday. I’m fascinated that Bruce Kremer uses his day planner in a way I’ve not seen before. While he has some “to do” items on the page of a regular lined planner, he’s used such items as wide clear tape to tack down leaves. There are quick sketches and doodles. He has sections of maps and even highway signs to mark the route he took to get somewhere. As someone who navigates by landmarks and visual cues, I think this would be very valuable for me! What he has done is created a “snapshot” of his day, but in such a creative way. I’m the curator of a LPP collection (little pieces of paper). Finally a place where these might land! While I have a written journal and several art journals and a “serious” sketchbook with art ideas for paintings and developing my own artwork, this would capture my day is a highly visual way. Think I’ll give this a try. Will let you know if this is working for me and post a sample. If you don’t see anything, it means I’ve abandoned the idea and will use it as an altered book someday, or a place to smear leftover paint for collage material! You can see an example of what he calls his journal and more about his art work here: Bruce Kremer