Empowerment Through Art

Art Can Heal works with women 13 years and older in three areas of special focus – Individual Art Therapy, Healing Art Journals workshops and Process Painting.

Individual Art Therapy

In the creative and safe environment of the art studio, and with a trained art therapist, we look at helping to resolve major conflicts, trauma, loss and grief. You will learn to use a variety of art materials, relax and focus on recording your life experiences in a non-threatening visual form. This can provide:

  • Support by constructive management and self-control over those things that are difficult and painful to acknowledge or discuss verbally.
  • Insight into and validation of one’s feelings.
  • A way to recharge and nurture your own needs.
  • The opportunity to discover strengths and authenticity, leading to a stronger sense of identity.
  • Help with problem solving emotionally difficult choices and decisions through creative expression.
  • The recovery of a sense of enjoyment, peace, and well-being.
  • Engagement of the whole brain, keeping the mind fit through the stimulated integration of cognitive, feeling and sensory processes.

To book a consultation time or set up appointments, contact Jean Tait.

Art Therapy Supervision

Professional or student supervision available by appointment. Please contact Jean Tait. Jean holds Reg. Canadian Art Therapist (RCAT) status with CATA. 

Custom Workshops

Art Can Heal will work with you and your organization to design and develop a workshop that will be specific to your needs. Below are some examples of the type of workshops that art can heal can offer that address childhood trauma, sexual abuse, violence, depression, addiction and other challenges:

Healing Art Journals

Instruction on how to work with a creative visual art journal, where visuals and writing come together to help us access how we think and feel.

Process Painting

An intuitive approach where anyone can paint their way to wholeness and self-awareness.

Art Medic

Participants learn how to become aware of how they respond to trauma and how to change their response to such events.

For design information on custom workshops, contact Jean Tait.