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Taking up the challenge to blog more often

Effy Wild posted a challenge to blog daily alongside her, as she re-established a new habit to blog more often. I’ve long wanted to do the same. I write daily in a journal and have had an art practice of doing something in a daily visual journal off and on for a couple of decades […]

Desire for Community & New Day Planner idea

The way we show up in community is often a push/pull experience. How do we see things in the world? Is our experience similar to others? Or, do we feel that our experience is not what others are having ? If this happens, we can end up feeling very alone and disconnected from any sense […]

Chris Zydel’s post on Creative Juices Arts

I have long admired Chris Zydel, her approach not only to creativity, but to life as well. Chris runs Wild Heart Painting workshops that use an intuitive approach in Oakland, CA and other locations. Here’s what she had to say in her post, “Breaking Through Your Creative Joy Ceiling”  “There is an issue that comes […]