Healing Art Journals

Working with a Healing Art Journal invites you to deepen your exploration of self through using images paired with your writing. Learning to use imagery in this way can become a catalyst for accessing the realm of your wise subconscious and inner wisdom.

No prior art experience is needed. You only need to bring your desire to seek through your Healing Art Journal, while having a compassionate witness to accompany this journey.

Jean will act as your guide through using a creative visual art journal, assisting you with “harvesting” as you go on this inner expedition. What you call forth may surprise you!

Three-hour or Full-day Workshops and Art Exploration Sessions are offered at the art can heal studio (address provided to those registered for sessions).

A sketchbook (9 x 12″ minimum size) is required for this workshop. If you don’t have one, they will be available for purchase for $15 at the workshop (with prior notice). All other art supplies are included.

Comment from Healing Art Journals Workshop: “A beautiful and welcoming experience and introduction (for me) into art journaling. Jean was a warm and thoughtful teacher and guide. I would easily go again.” – Joanna

Upcoming Healing Art Journaling Workshops suspended.