Taking up the challenge to blog more often

Effy Wild posted a challenge to blog daily alongside her, as she re-established a new habit to blog more often. I’ve long wanted to do the same. I write daily in a journal and have had an art practice of doing something in a daily visual journal off and on for a couple of decades now. The art journal isn’t always pretty and I don’t post art spreads very often, but it is an important practice when going through challenging times. As an art therapist, I deeply appreciate when the art surprises me by what it has to share about what is going on around me! Our art can reveal hidden wishes, desires, fears and unmet needs that we perhaps have a fleeting awareness of, but just as often, have no clue that this is what’s lurking in our subconscious mind’s underbelly. There is also the beauty of finding these surprising inner thoughts and emotions. Putting whatever spills out onto the page can so perfectly express our mood and often, more honestly than words have the ability to capture.

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2 thoughts on “Taking up the challenge to blog more often”

  1. Hi Jean. It’s hard to start blogging after awhile isn’t it?! Goody on us for trying. I want you to know that art therapy changes lives, and I truly appreciate that you are in there, doing that. I looked at your gallery and I love the primal feel of your work. Like you’re really tapped into ‘the deep’ when you’re arting. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing it!

    • Thank you, Tammy, for your comments and encouragement. Blogging is something I’ve long wanted to do and intend to be doing so more often.


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